How director Eric Wilson creates good energy

Studied expertise meets an abiding love for the Northwest

To solve a problem, you first must understand it. When Evergreen Energy Partners tackles a challenging task, it’s subject matter experts like Eric Wilson who ensure we understand what needs to be done. Over his 15 years working on energy efficiency initiatives throughout the Northwest, Eric has immersed himself in project after project, building a knowledge base that plays a key role in guiding our efforts today.

As a program specialist, Eric provides both creative leadership and detail-driven management on all of his projects. His ability to keep the big picture in mind while zooming in on the details has served him well while running projects for Energy Trust of Oregon, Bonneville Power Administration, NorthWestern Energy, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF), and many others. Through them all, he’s shown a keen understanding of how to structure programs for best results and how to cost-effectively drive participation.

Eric doesn’t just understand the ideal structures for efficiency initiatives, he understands the best way to do so in the specific region where he works.

What makes Eric’s expertise exceptional is its specificity — he doesn’t just understand the ideal structures for efficiency initiatives, he understands the best way to do so in the specific region where he works. His deep connection to and love for the region informs each project he leads and guides his skilled team of specialists, engineers, and coordinators as they tailor their methods to the unique cultural terrain of the Pacific Northwest.

This same sensitivity also comes into play when it comes to building and maintaining the contractor networks that are key to the success of any efficiency initiative. Eric draws on his relationships with the region’s trade allies and manufacturers to drive success for his projects; being close to these members of the Northwest community makes it easy for him to identify partnership opportunities, drive the adoption of more efficient products, and advocate for program participation.

Underpinning all of this expertise is the true secret to Eric’s success — his genuine kindness and desire to solve people’s problems. By engaging openly and honestly he establishes genuine rapport with our partners, connections that blossom over time into lasting friendships and enduring goodwill. These relationships are at the heart of everything Eric does, and are a core driver of Evergreen’s business. As improved energy efficiency becomes ever more urgent, the need to get everyone on board with these initiatives only grows. It will take leaders like Eric to meet that need.

Portrait of Eric Wilson.
Eric Wilson

As a director, Eric partners with other Evergreen Energy Partners leaders to envision and implement creative new ways to engage the trade ally market and increase energy efficient product adoption throughout the region. He also leads a skilled team of field specialists, engineers, and coordinators in support of initiatives throughout the Northwest states.

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